Guidelines for participation in Poets for Integrity Organization

We recognize we are each unique and different; yet, as persons all the same and similar, deserving of compassion, honor and respect from each other.
We are committed to perpetuating poetry as an art and craft.
We are dedicated to our members' growth and development as poets and persons.
We strive to provide a forum for all to determine how their poetry affects and influences others. We are committed to writing poetry of the highest literary quality.
We recognize that appropriate content and mode of expression is essential to uphold the integrity of this site. The FCC, Federal regulatory agencies, ancillary organizations, as well as state and local regulations, do not permit the sites' acceptance of material with explicit sexual content and profanities.
PFI reserves the right to remove any material that does not meet our guidelines for participation.
PFI welcomes members of all cultures, spiritual philosophies, and beliefs. We look forward to serving a diverse and talented community of poets.
PFI membership requires interaction with other poets through posting and reviewing poems on a regular basis.

Poets for Integrity Organization LLC and its website is fully protected under copyright laws of the US government. In addition, our members own the copyright to their creative works. No poem, visual graphic, photograph, page layout or any creative product on or within this site is to be copied, forwarded, used or transferred electronically or by any other method or manner in whole or in part, without the full consent of the author or artist.

Such requests should be made by way of notarized written request and submitted to the author/artist/member for their explicit consent or decline, as well as to site management.